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Alberta iMarket (AIM)

Alberta iMarket (AIM)

A full-featured online marketplace where you can sell your products and services.
Leverage our training, support, nominal cost and the benefit of aggregated marketing.

The Alberta iMarket concept originated in a desire to promote regional, and rural, products and services to both a local, and a larger market. While many entities promote the businesses themselves, we had a desire to take it a step further and create a fully ecommercial platform where all forms of products and services could be presented.

Vendors can include any and all businesses that sell a product, sell or promote a service, and sell or promote bookable time. Businesses may range from Agrifoods to Carpet Cleaning to Hair Salons…and everything in between. In fact, if it can be part of an online transaction, our platform will accommodate it.

Included in our marketplace services are vendor training, vendor support, vendor financial management and a sustainable marketing plan for the resulting web site. On the marketing side of the site, we will offer shoppers an App to mirror the shopping experience of the large online retailers, and to promote local buying shoppers will have the ability to shop for a specific item, but also search for it within a radius distance from their specific location. Our vision is to provide the same vendor and shopping experience that you get from the big online retailers, but to do so without the barriers of high commission, services fees, and little to no vendor support.

Finally, we will also present the web site in both official languages ensuring that we are inclusive with respect to our vendors, but to also ensure that a shopping experience is available for a market as large as all of Canada.

After onboarding, each vendor will have their own store, their own store management interface and access to a support team. They will have the ability to manage their products and services which will become part of the full catalogue of items on the web site. However, they will also have their own distinctive web-based store. They can use their own custom domain, but also be part of general item searches on the site. They will also appear in the vendor directory and on all maps.

When a vendor sells an item, the transaction will be processed by Stripe. Upon completion of the sale, funds will automatically move from the web site master account into the Vendor’s personal Stripe account. Vendors then have the ability to handle refunds and credits directly. The only fees are the discount fees charged by Stripe which are similar to most credit card merchant accounts.

Shipping of products is calculated instantaneously for vendors that have a Canada POST, FedEx or UPS account. They can also enter in their own shipping rates or can choose to identify items as “local pickup only”. When a vendor is finished the onboarding process, they will have a fully functional ecommercial web site that also includes them in the group marketing opportunities available to a central sales portal.

Here is a small comparison of a similar service called Shopify that a vendor might use to set up their own individual store.

Unlimited Products     Yes      Yes
 3rd Party Shipping   No    Yes
 Multiple Languages     Yes (2)   Yes (2)
 Locations        Up to 6  Unlimited
 Training     No ($2500 fee)     Yes
 Marketing      No        Yes
 MONTHLY FEE       $79 per month   $20 per month

When the Alberta iMarketplace is complete, we hope to have hundreds of Alberta vendors, and thousands of products, ready for shoppers ready to BUY ALBERTA. Our marketing plan to attract shoppers will span all forms of media and include an ongoing social media and YouTube presence.

As a non-profit entity, we can allocate funds from monthly vendor fees for long term infrastructure, support, and marketing. In addition, we have exciting plans on how to highlight regions, leverage mapping technology and include non-commercial listings for local service groups, clubs, non-profits, and charitable organizations.

All we need is you! Visit ALBERTAIMARKET.COM to become a vendor today!
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